Cracks and Crevices is a graphical ascii roguelike game using SDL. It takes ideas from my other roguelikes like UnderDark and SRL.

Its designed to not be so hardcore as NetHack and Crawl but not be as easy as Larn. It does provide help for the beginner and cue's when the game starts.

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Manager: Stuart George

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CnC Release 0.5
Hot off the press, 0.5 hits the streets
Added by Stuart George over 7 years ago

No news in a long time?
Added by Stuart George over 9 years ago

CnC Release 0.4
We've made release 0.4 public
Added by Stuart George about 10 years ago

Atom Feed for CNC
Added by Stuart George over 10 years ago

Last step to an 0.4 release
Added by Stuart George over 10 years ago

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