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  • ALFC

    ALFC - Another Linux File Commander.

    As its name suggests, its another play on the 'commander' type programs (think deco, mc, xtree, norton commander, etc).

    You can clone this repository from;
    git clone git://

  • Bunyon

    Bunyon is an interpreter for Scott Adams TI99 format story files

  • Cracks and Crevices

    Cracks and Crevices is a graphical ascii roguelike game using SDL. It takes ideas from my other roguelikes like UnderDark and SRL.

    Its designed to not be so hardcore as NetHack and Crawl but not be as easy as Larn. It does provide help for the beginner and cue's when the game starts. ...

  • EE Plugin AddToAny

    Expression Engine plugin - AddToAny.

    Implements the AddToAny

  • RAI

    Retro Adventure Interpreter (RAI) for the C64/C128/Plus4, Amiga and PC.

  • ScottCom

    Scott Adams game file compiler

  • Tomb of Rawdin

    The Tomb of Radwin... My 2009 7 Day Roguelike Entry

Also available in: Atom