CnC Release 0.4

We've made release 0.4 public
Added by Stuart George over 14 years ago

Yes, after a loooooong long wait time, Ive done enough testing on the 0.4 branch that it was time to make a public release.

This fixes quite a lot of bugs (a lot never made the issue tracker, but I hope to be better at that going into 0.5).

  • BIG Rewrote mainloop code (fixed some subtle round bugs).
  • Rounds now work properly for all NPC’s and the PC
  • Timers work correctly
  • Rewrote attribute code
  • Gold drops on floor now
  • Monsters die correctly!
  • Initial quest time shortened to make it more attainable.
  • Messages are now counted and displayed as Msg (x) if repeated to stop cluttering the display.
  • Remove character dump when starting a new game
  • Dont save character dump when saving game
  • Stopped monsters and drops from appearing in the message window (doh!)
  • Stopped saving from doing an explicit call to exit instead of falling through the game loop like quit does, which revealed some mem leaks that were plugged.
  • Gold drops were dropping underneath the player not monster!
  • Spells in spellbooks
  • Start spell when buying first spellbook
  • Attack/Target Cycling/Cast Spell commands
  • Implemented 99% of the spell attributes
  • Casting spells now works! (no whizzbang animation. it just works)
  • auto pickup working
  • Pickup key words
  • Fixed : When selling item, unequip it automatically
  • Added circular fov for easy games
  • Bumpbed facing fov for medium + hard games
  • Added leveling up
  • Added ctrl-c as break all from program
  • Added ESC as means to close out most all dialogues
  • Made some defaults sane (no mixing cursor + keypad)