CnC Release 0.5

Hot off the press, 0.5 hits the streets
Added by Stuart George over 11 years ago

Well, here we go, 0.5 coming out after a long time (been sitting on it I guess) for the ARRP (Anual Roguelike Release Party).

0.5 20100915
  • Check for configuration file
  • Fixed minor memleak (free'ing map name).
  • Added runtime key configuration to main menu
  • Refactored keyboard defs for configuration, loading and help screens
  • Added options for default VI/WASD/NUMPAD/CURSOR keys
  • Made the window resizeable
  • Fixed monsters from respawning outside of bounds
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • High score file for networked play (-scores and -vscores)
  • Add check for running as root in unix and not allow game to run
  • Fix writing config/scores back
  • Danforths Outcrop is now bump-attack friendly, guards wont attack unless you purposly attack them.
  • Fix mp regeneration (it wasnt!)
  • Add journal notes to chardump
  • Spells do blast radius' and animate onscreen
  • Added option '-dump' to display the character dump
  • Fixed some truncated combat messages
  • Poison Gas Cloud now dissipates out
  • Fixed compiles on newer gcc with all those funky attributes turned on
  • Fix SDL issue with setting callback
  • Integrate Instant Fuzion branch
  • Added local scores when network file is unreachable
  • Fixing shop bugs
  • Added a rest hp recoup count (50 for now).
  • Fixed journal bugs