RAI: RAI updated

Added by Stuart George almost 10 years ago

Uploaded the 1.0 release tag of RAI for the C64, C128, Plus4, Amiga and PC!

Cracks and Crevices: CnC Release 0.5

Added by Stuart George over 11 years ago

Well, here we go, 0.5 coming out after a long time (been sitting on it I guess) for the ARRP (Anual Roguelike Release Party).

0.5 20100915
  • Check for configuration file
  • Fixed minor memleak (free'ing map name).
  • Added runtime key configuration to main menu
  • Refactored keyboard defs for configuration, loading and help screens
  • Added options for default VI/WASD/NUMPAD/CURSOR keys
  • Made the window resizeable
  • Fixed monsters from respawning outside of bounds
  • Fixed some spelling mistakes
  • High score file for networked play (-scores and -vscores)
  • Add check for running as root in unix and not allow game to run
  • Fix writing config/scores back
  • Danforths Outcrop is now bump-attack friendly, guards wont attack unless you purposly attack them.
  • Fix mp regeneration (it wasnt!)
  • Add journal notes to chardump
  • Spells do blast radius' and animate onscreen
  • Added option '-dump' to display the character dump
  • Fixed some truncated combat messages
  • Poison Gas Cloud now dissipates out
  • Fixed compiles on newer gcc with all those funky attributes turned on
  • Fix SDL issue with setting callback
  • Integrate Instant Fuzion branch
  • Added local scores when network file is unreachable
  • Fixing shop bugs
  • Added a rest hp recoup count (50 for now).
  • Fixed journal bugs

ALFC: Gitorious

Added by Stuart George over 12 years ago

I finally pushed ALFC to Gitorious and made it available to the public.

You can clone it via
git clone git://

Tomb of Rawdin: Testing

Added by Stuart George about 13 years ago

All currently know bugs and feature requests have been taken care of. Now its down to doing a lot of testing to see how the balance goes, expect a new release to be not far away.

Cracks and Crevices: No news in a long time?

Added by Stuart George over 13 years ago

What? No news in 250 days? Has it really been that long? Apparently so, and still no 0.5 release.

Well we are close to an 0.5 release, there is just a few minor things that need to be tweaked, and played a bit before I cut a release. There will be some nice new things to watch out for, so don't despair, the project is not stagnant.

Cracks and Crevices: CnC Release 0.4

Added by Stuart George over 14 years ago

Yes, after a loooooong long wait time, Ive done enough testing on the 0.4 branch that it was time to make a public release.

This fixes quite a lot of bugs (a lot never made the issue tracker, but I hope to be better at that going into 0.5).

  • BIG Rewrote mainloop code (fixed some subtle round bugs).
  • Rounds now work properly for all NPC’s and the PC
  • Timers work correctly
  • Rewrote attribute code
  • Gold drops on floor now
  • Monsters die correctly!
  • Initial quest time shortened to make it more attainable.
  • Messages are now counted and displayed as Msg (x) if repeated to stop cluttering the display.
  • Remove character dump when starting a new game
  • Dont save character dump when saving game
  • Stopped monsters and drops from appearing in the message window (doh!)
  • Stopped saving from doing an explicit call to exit instead of falling through the game loop like quit does, which revealed some mem leaks that were plugged.
  • Gold drops were dropping underneath the player not monster!
  • Spells in spellbooks
  • Start spell when buying first spellbook
  • Attack/Target Cycling/Cast Spell commands
  • Implemented 99% of the spell attributes
  • Casting spells now works! (no whizzbang animation. it just works)
  • auto pickup working
  • Pickup key words
  • Fixed : When selling item, unequip it automatically
  • Added circular fov for easy games
  • Bumpbed facing fov for medium + hard games
  • Added leveling up
  • Added ctrl-c as break all from program
  • Added ESC as means to close out most all dialogues
  • Made some defaults sane (no mixing cursor + keypad)

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